Watermark Cooperative Homes

Our Vision and Mission

We, the members of Watermark Co-Operative Homes, are striving to develop an affordable community environment where harmony and caring reigns - where all neighbours respect and help each other to establish a quiet, safe and enjoyable home for everyone... a family!

Our purpose and vision is to also ensure equal rights for all and confront any prejudices that can separate a community.

The value of one's efforts, work and accomplishments will always be valued at Watermark.

Children are of particular importance to us, as we wish to watch them play and grow in safety, with dignity and respect from all and for all.


Watermark Cooperative Homes was built by Kenmore Homes.  

During the construction of Watermark Cooperative Homes, there were many problems determining which street would host the entrance to the building.  Eventually traffic was routed accordingly and Watermark Cooperative Homes was successfully completed.

Watermark Cooperative Homes is located near 35 Christopher Street in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Niagara Peninsula Homes' Mission

Our mission is to create, nurture and serve vibrant and diverse communities. We empower people within communities to help themselves through a process of training, planning and evaluation.